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US Secretary of State Anthony Blanken has said that President Joe Biden’s actions against China, efforts to increase its military influence around the world have been effective.

According to the Reuters news agency, Antony Blanken said regarding the Chinese military influence in Cuba that “Chinese advances have slowed down due to our diplomatic efforts.”
However, China has been rejecting the allegations that bases have been open in Cuba for the purpose of espionage.

Anthony Blanken said that former President Donald Trump was aware that China equipped facilities in Cuba with advanced technology. For the purpose of espionage during 2019, but efforts to stop it were ineffective.

Secretary of State Anthony Blanken said Biden administration officials were brief. On Chinese moves to establish bases in Beijing to exert military influence.

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According to Anthony Blanken, President Biden has instructed his team to speak directly with governments. That are considering allowing China to open spy bases and share information with Beijing. are

China has warned the US against interfering in its internal affairs.
China has warned the US against interfering in its internal affairs.

“We have been very quietly and cautiously implementing this strategy, which we believe has been fruitful. I cannot go into the details of the steps taken in this regard. But they started with the efforts made under diplomacy.
Recall that on Saturday, the White House said that China has been operating an espionage unit in Cuba. For several years and that it was enhanced in 2019.

A day before this statement, China had warned the US not to interfere in Cuba’s internal affairs.
Chinese Foreign Office spokesman Wang Wenbin said during a press briefing that the US tactically spreads rumours and accusations and interferes in the internal affairs of countries as a normal practise.

For the past few days, there have been reports in the American media that China is going to open a spy base in Cuba, located a few miles from the American coast.

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