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The US Central Command has said that 22 US military personnel have been injure in a helicopter crash in northeastern Syria.
According to the Reuters news agency. US Central Command said in a statement that 10 military personnel have been transfer to an intensive care unit. For medical assistance.

The Central Command, which oversees US forces in the Middle East. Said Sunday’s incident was under investigation, but no enemy attack was reported.

About 900 US troops are stationed in Syria, with the majority of them in the eastern regions to defeat ISIS. There have been several attacks on US troops in these areas over the past several years by Iranian-backed militias.

In March, 25 U.S. service members were wounded in attacks. And counterattacks in Syria, while an American contractor was also killed and wounded in helicopter crash.
US troops were first deployed to Syria during the administration of former President Barack Obama to fight ISIS.

Hundreds of ISIS fighters remain in unsettled areas of Syria where neither US coalition forces nor the Syrian army have full control.
While thousands of ISIS fighters are in the custody of the US-allied Kurdish Democratic Forces.

The United States says that ISIS has the potential to become a major threat.
Threats to US forces from Iranian-backed militias underscore the complex geopolitical situation in Syria, where Syrian President Bashar al-Assad relies on Iran and Russia for support while the US military is seen as an occupier. Is.

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