Former US president Donald Trump

Former US President Donald Trump was arraigne Tuesday in a federal court in Miami on charges of possessing classified documents.

The accusation against the former president has become a serious legal threat for him. As a series of criminal investigations have clouded his chances of again as US president.
According to report, security was tight during President Trump’s court appearance.

In response to the allegations, Donald Trump denied wrongdoing.
Trump’s lawyer, Todd Blanche, told the court that we are absolutely denying the health offence.

This is the first case against any former US president file in federal court.
He wrote on his social media site “Truth Social. That “we are in decline as a nation in one of the saddest days in our country’s history.

President Trump repeated his usual accusations that he was being targete.
Dozens of supporters of Donald Trump gathered near the court on the occasion of the court appearance. Several of them wore baseball caps emblazoned with the slogan ‘Make America Great Again’.

This is the first time in the United States history. That a current or former commander-in-chief of the military has faced federal charges.
Keep in mind that former president was indicte on June 9 in this case.

Foreign Media photo
Foreign Media photo

Former President said

After being indicte, Trump wrote on his social media platform, TruthSocial. “The corrupt Biden administration has informed my lawyers that I have been indicte. Apparently in connection with the rumour of the boxes of documents.”

He wrote in his post that “I never thought that something like could happen to the ex-president of the US.”

Trump is the first former or current president to be charge with a crime. He was indicte by the Manhattan district attorney in March.

He was accused of giving money to the actress of the first obscene film to remain silent since the election. The actress said that she had an affair with Trump.

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