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Western countries led by the United States continue to provide weapons to Ukraine, exacerbating the conflict. On the 13th, Russian President Vladimir Putin held a symposium in Moscow with war reporters and media personnel involved in reporting on the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. Putin said that the United States is more and more directly involved in the Russia-Ukraine conflict, and the key to resolving the conflict lies in the West, which should stop providing weapons and equipment to Ukraine.

Vladimir Putin
Vladimir Putin

Russian President Vladimir Putin: 

We have not rejected peace talks. I have said many times that we will not reject negotiations that can resolve conflicts peacefully. The key to the problem lies in the West. If the West wants a negotiated solution to the conflict, it should stop supplying Ukraine with weapons.

Russian ambassador to the United States:

The United States does not care about the fate of Ukrainians
However, it is clear that the West led by the United States does not want the conflict to end. But they want ycontinues to fight. US Department of Defense announced that it would provide another US$325 million worth of military support to Ukraine.

In response, Russian Ambassador to the United States Antonov responded that the United States is getting more and more involved in the Russia-Ukraine conflict. The United States has no interest in a negotiated solution to the Russia-Ukraine conflict, nor does it care about the fate of Ukrainians.

US media:

After the UK, the United States intends to provide depleted uranium bombs to Ukraine

At the same time, US media reported that the US also intends to provide depleted uranium bombs to Ukraine. “The Wall Street Journal” quoted a senior US government official as saying on the 13th that there was no “major obstacle” to approving the supply of depleted uranium bombs.

Earlier this year, the United States has decided to provide Ukraine with “Abrams” main battle tanks, and depleted uranium bombs are one of the supporting ammunition for such tanks.

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