Egyptian student Naira Ashraf

In Egypt, the prison authorities have sentence to death Muhammad Adel, the killer of Egyptian student Naira Ashraf, in front of the arts gate of the university after the appeal was reject.

According to the Subak website, Neera Ashraf was kill by her classmate Muhammad Adil in front of the gate of Al Mansoora University Faculty of Arts in Al Dakhlia Commissionerate.
The court rejected Muhammad Adil’s objections against the death sentence.

The Egyptian Public Prosecution recorded 25 testimonies and submitted them to the court. Besides students and university security guards, nearby shopkeepers testified that they had seen Muhammad Adil stabbed to death.

Neera Ashraf’s family and friends testified that Mohammad Adil (killer) had been threatening to harm her. He was angry that Neera Ashraf refused to marry him.

It was prove in criminal court that Muhammad Adil killed the student as part of a deliberate plan.
It should be note that in the history of Egypt, no criminal case has been decide so quickly.

Public Prosecutor Hamada Al-Sawi presented the case of the murder of the female student of the Egyptian University in the criminal court 48 hours after the incident.
It should be remember that a student at Al-Mansoura University stabbed his classmate to death for refusing a marriage proposal.

This incident took place in front of the Faculty of Arts at Al Mansoura University.
Eyewitnesses said that the accused was a third-year student in the art department. He attacked the student when she was walking towards the bus stop to go home.

In the Arab media, this case is known as the Egyptian university student
This case is know as the Egyptian university student

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When the present people try to stop the accused, he stabbed the student’s throat deeply, after which he was controll by security personnel and passersby.

According to the eyewitness, the killer wanted to marry this girl. Neera Ashraf was refused to marry. Then man decided to take revenge on her, while earlier he had threatened to kill her.

The case is creating a debate on social media in Egypt and the Middle East. This case is known in the Arab media as that of the Egyptian university student.

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