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In Dubai’s Tilal-e-Amarat neighbourhood, auctioned on the style of the Farsi Palace, auctioned on the auction of luxury villas, between an Indian and a Russian The initial price of the villa is 750 million dirhams.

According to Emirates Alum, the real estate brokerage firm in Dubai offered sales of 750 million dirhams a day earlier.

The inner area of the villa is 60,000 square feet, comprising only five bedrooms. The master bedroom is 4,000 square feet. Such a large area is larger than most houses. Villas have ground-floor dining halls and playrooms.

Sources say that the Indian Tilal is living in the auction and is likely to participate in it. There are 3 villages in this area.

One square foot of marble village has reached 12500 dirhams. In August 2022, the most expensive house was sold for 210 million dirhams.

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The most expensive deal in the history of Dubai, the flat sold for 410 million UAE dirhams

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