Japan has discharged nuclear sewage

Overseas Network, June 16th South Korean “Hankyoreh Daily” published a commentary article on the 16th. Arguing that the Japanese government should abandon the discharge of nuclear sewage into the ocean. destroy. “Japan has discharged nuclear sewage and lost its conscience.”

“Hankyoreh Daily” stated that when someone smoked in the office, when someone reminded him to pay attention. He said unreasonably, “Even if I smoke a whole pack of cigarettes here, will you get cancer from passive smoking? The attitude of Japan, which will have a major impact on the relevant oceans in the next few decades, is exactly the same as that of this smoker. Japan has discharged nuclear sewage and lost its conscience.

Hankyoreh Daily

“Hankyoreh” believes that in March 2011, a major accident occurred at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant. And its impact remains to this day. The 1,496 nuclear fuel rods of units 1 to 3 of the nuclear power plant were partially burned. The nuclear fission products, such as cesium, were originally enclosed in the nuclear reactor. But after the accident, a large amount of these substances flowed into the atmosphere with the wind. And spread all over the world.

In addition, the remains of nuclear fuel dissolved in nuclear reactors are also continuously polluting groundwater sources. For a period of time, high-concentration nuclear sewage flowed 300 tonnes into the sea every day. As for the total amount of nuclear sewage that leaked, no one knows. Contaminated fish can still be caught off the coast of Fukushima to this day.

Korean “Hankyoreh daily” said that the Japanese government forcibly discharged nuclear sewage into the ocean. They completely forgot how much harm their country’s nuclear power plant accidents had caused to human beings. And they forgot their own responsibilities. They can’t do anything except say “nuclear sewage has been diluted below the standard value; it’s okay” and “the ocean is huge; pollution will not threaten human life”. “Hankyoreh” finally stated that life originated in the ocean, but some people have been destroying the ocean.

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