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In Saudi Arabia, the authorities of the Makkah region have executed. The death sentence of a Saudi citizen involved in the case of burning his friend to death in a car.

According to the official SPA news agency, the Ministry of Interior said in a statement that “Saudi citizen Barakat bin Jabreel bin Barakat Al-Atafi Al-Kanani had set fire to his compatriot Bandar bin Taha bin Muhammad Al-Qarhadi and his car by sprinkling oil on it.”

Four more vehicles were destroyed in the fire. Narcotic powder was also recovered from the Saudi citizen’s possession.
The court had imposed the death sentence on conviction. Which was first upheld by the Appellate Court and then by the Supreme Court.

An order to implement the court decision was issued by the Imperial Palace.
The Ministry of Interior said in a statement that the killing of a Saudi citizen is an individual incident. This is not a feature of our society. However, to end this type of trend, the court sentenced the criminal to death.

The Ministry of Home Affairs says that the criminal committed this heinous crime due to an addiction to narcotic powder.
It should be remembered that the Saudi citizen called his friend and set fire to the car in the parking lot of the Alskan South neighbourhood of Jeddah.

Despite being burned by the fire, the Saudi citizen bravely came out of the car. He pleaded for an ambulance and asked his friend, who was there at the time, “What did I do wrong?’

Later, the Saudi citizen succumbed to his injuries.
The person involved in setting the vehicle on fire and the Saudi citizen were childhood friends and lived in the same neighbourhood.

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