Russian President Putin

Russian President Vladimir Putin has said that nuclear weapons have been installed in Belarus. But he has also emphasised that Moscow does not need to use nuclear weapons.

According to the Reuters news agency, President Putin has confirmed for the first time his position regarding nuclear weapons. Which is also a message to Western countries that Russia cannot be defeated strategically.

“As you know, we were discussing with our ally (Belarusian President) Lukashenko the transfer of some tactical nuclear weapons to Belarus, so that’s done,” President Putin said at an event in St. Petersburg. ‘

“The first weapons of war have been delivered to Belarus, but only the first part.” This phase of installation will be completed by winter or by the end of the year.
These war weapons include short-range nuclear weapons that can be used on the battlefield.

President Putin said that Russia has installed weapons outside the country for the first time. Since the collapse of the Soviet Union, which is actually intended to warn Western countries against providing support and arms to Ukraine.

“This is only to prevent unpleasant action for us. All those who are thinking of giving us a strategic defeat. They will not be unaware of such a situation.”
Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko said on Thursday that Russia has begun receiving tactical weapons. That are three times more powerful than the atomic bombs that the United States dropped on Japan in 1945.

President Putin said that Western countries are making every possible effort to defeat Russia strategically in Ukraine.

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