Student carrying the woman

An Indian student has been jail for six years and nine months. For sexually assaulting an unconscious woman in the UK.

According to Indian news channel NDTV, the boy’s name is Preet Vakal. Who took the woman to his flat in Cardiff in June last year and then sexually assaulted her.

Preet Vikal and the woman had gone to a club in Cardiff with their respective friends, where they met.

Officials say that the woman was heavily intoxicate and unconscious at the end of the night. She went out of the club and met Preet Vakal. They had a conversation, and then they separated from their friends.

In one video, the boy can be see carrying the woman first by his arms. And then by his shoulders before taking her to his flat. The woman can be see walking with the boy’s support as they pass in front of a pub.

South Wales Police said in a tweet that a man has been jail for raping a woman in Cardiff. Stranger attacks like this are rare in Cardiff, but Preet Vikal is a dangerous person. He took advantage of the drunk woman.

Indian Student
Indian Student

According to reports, after taking the woman home, he took a picture of the girl. And proudly shared it with his friends.

The woman bravely told the police about the incident. Police identified the boy from security cameras and a message sent to the woman on Instagram.

Reet Vakal has been sentenced to six years and nine months in prison.

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