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The death toll from the severe heat wave in India has reached 100. While the Meteorological Department has predicted more heat.
According to Indian newspaper Hindustan Times, most of the deaths occurred in Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and Odisha.

Earlier, the Meteorological Department had predicted that the heat wave would reduce due to monsoon rains. But this did not happen, and now it will happen after June 20.

Dr. SK Yadav, head of Ballia Hospital, says that on June 15, 54 heat-affected people were brought to the hospital. Most of whom had fever; 23 died the next day, and 16 people died the next day. Gone from.’

According to him, 137 patients were also brought to the district hospital. Which 20 died, while another 11 deaths occurred the next day.
Similarly, there are reports of deaths inside houses in some areas.
Experts say that in view of the increasing deaths, there is a need to make a comprehensive plan for the areas where there is more heat.

It should be noted that at this time, a severe heat wave is continuing in some states of India. And reports of 54 deaths were reported on Sunday as well.
The NDTV report said that around 400 people are under treatment in various hospitals.

The Meteorological Department has predicted that the heat wave will continue for a few more days
The Meteorological Department has predicted that the heat wave will continue for a few more days

Doctors statement

Doctors say that although the causes of death vary, extreme heat may also be one of the factors.
He said that the number of patients admitted to hospitals is increasing due to the extreme heat.

A heat wave has gripped the country, with most places recording temperatures as high as 40 degrees Celsius.
Hospitals are facing a sudden increase in deaths and other problems like fever and difficulty breathing among patients.

UP Health Minister Brijesh Pathak says that the government has taken serious notice. The incident in Ballia and is personally monitoring the situation there.

He said that two senior doctors have been sent to the spot. And they will inform the management in writing about the situation very soon. Chief Medical Superintendent Dr. Diwakar Singh has been removed from his post for making a careless statement. Due to heat wave deaths without proper information.

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