Protest against US military bases

On the 18th, some people in Okinawa Prefecture, Japan, gathered in the Henoko area of Nago City. To protest against the plan to relocate the US military base in Japan to the local area. The local people said that since the first rally in April 2004. They have been fighting against the Japanese central government for about 7,000 days. This rally once again showed their determination to oppose the US military base.

Protest against US military
Protest against US military

The U.S. troops stationed in Japan have extraterritorial rights in Japan and are not subject to Japanese jurisdiction. Safety accidents caused by US military bases, aircraft noise, US military crimes. And other issues have long plagued the local people in Okinawa. The Japanese and US governments previously agreed to relocate the US military base located in Futenma, Okinawa Prefecture, to Henoko, Nago City. The relocation requires land reclamation and the construction of two new airstrips. The people of Okinawa expressed strong opposition to this and demanded that the US military base be completely moved out of Okinawa.

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