Camera or Gun

Man can use the inventions in an interesting way. According to his convenience in such a way that everyone will be forced to say. That this was not even in my imagination. get know some wonder abuot it.

The Stockcam Camera Cage is design for photographers. Who require stable positioning and camera handling with various accessories used in photography while changing locations.

This camera cage is no ordinary cage; it not only looks like a rifle but also uses it like one. It helps the photographer maintain a stable position even on uneven surfaces.

Camera Cage

If you love photography and own a gun, this cage will satisfy both of your interests.

This gun-like cage uses the trigger to take the picture. While also having a lock that ensures the trigger cannot be accidentally press.

Internet Photo
Internet Photo

Its handle is slung over the shoulder like a gun. While the photographer looks into the camera screen for the correct angle of the image. Just as the marksman lines up his target in the scope of the gun. Pulls the trigger, and the image is capture.

Internet Photo
Internet Photo

But remember that using such a gadget can also land you in legal trouble.

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