Artificial intelligence

The American technology company Google has provided its users with a new facility. through which it will be possible to choose the right clothes according to their body.
With this facility, you will not have to go through the hassle of returning the clothes. Even if you get the wrong size.

New facility for internet shopping

According to a website, Google announced it a few days ago, on June 14. That the convenience of ‘Google Shopping’ has been enhanced through new technology that is currently being launched in the US.

This has made the process of choosing clothes on the internet much easier.
The design of clothes can be determined according to the body’s shape.
Regarding this facility provided, Google says that this facility of online clothing purchase is currently provided only for women in the United States. But its scope should be expanded further this year. will

Artificial intelligence is being used in this ‘Google Shopping‘ facility. An artificial model will also be introduced to help in the selection of clothes.
In fact, the garment selected by the user will be displayed on the virtual model. So that the buyer can get an idea of how the garment will look on his body.

On the other hand, regarding cyber security, the ‘Spin OK’ spy programme has been revealed on Google Play. Due to which millions of users have started to worry.
According to Cybersecurity, 101 applications have been confirmed to have been hacked so far, of which 43 percent are still active on Google Play.

In this regard, the Google company has assured the users that work is in progress to ensure the safety of the applications by taking rapid security measures against hackers.
Google has also introduced a new feature called ‘Google Play Protect’. Through this feature, Android system users are notified about malicious apps.

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