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US President Joe Biden has called the Chinese president a dictator. And said more that Xi Jinping was very embarrass. When we shot down a Chinese spy balloon in its airspace at the beginning of this year.

According to Reuters, President Joe Biden‘s statement on Tuesday came a day after Secretary of State Anthony Blanken met with President Xi Jinping in China.
The US Secretary of State’s visit to China is aim at reducing tensions between the two countries.

President Joe Biden said at a fund-raising event in California. That “the reason Xi Jinping is upset is that when I ordered the balloon to be shot down. It had spy equipment on it, and the Chinese president Didn’t know about it.’

Joe Biden added, “It’s a great shame for dictators when they don’t know what’s happened.” It shouldn’t have gone where it did. We shot down the balloon.

It should be noted that in February, a suspected Chinese spy balloon was flying in US airspace. After this particular incident and the exchange of visits between US and Taiwanese officials, tensions between the two countries rose.

President Joe Biden also said that “China is facing real economic difficulties.”
Biden said that Xi Jinping is concerned about the Quad Strategic Security Group. This group includes Japan, Australia, India, and the USA.

President Biden said that he had told to President Xi Jinping. That the United States was not trying to encircle China with a quad.

Anthony Blanken met with President Xi Jinping

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On June 19, there was a meeting between the Chinese President and the US Secretary of State in Beijing.

In Beijing on Monday, the US Secretary of State and President Xi agreed to strengthen relations. But no significant progress was make after their visit.
The two leaders agreed to continue diplomatic ties through further visits by US officials in the weeks and months ahead.

President Biden said on Monday that he believes the relationship between the two countries is moving in the right direction.
He also pointed out that there had been progress in relations during Foreign Minister Blankenship’s visit.

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