Maternity and Paternity Leave Bill

The President of Pakistan, Dr. Arif Alvi, has approved the Maternity and Paternity Leave Bill 2023.
According to the statement issued by the Presidency, the President approved the bill under Article 75 of the Constitution.

This bill was introduced by Quratul Ain Marri in the Senate on November 12, 2018.
The then-government opposed this bill. Despite this, the Senate had approved this bill, but later it could not be approved by the National Assembly.

After the change of government, Qarat-ul-Ain Marri, the initiator of the bill. And became active once again and got the bill’s approval from the National Assembly.
It has officially become an Act after the assent of the President.
Any working woman will be able to get six months leave for the birth of her first child. And four months for the birth of the second child, and three months for the birth of the third child.

Similarly, if a male employee’s wife gives birth to a child. He also will be able to take leave of up to one month with full pay.
This facility will be available only three times in the entire employment. However, in exceptional circumstances, a woman can get three months of unpaid leave. And a man can get up to one month.

Maternity and Paternity Bill
Maternity and Paternity Bill

Maternity and Paternity Leave Bill

Violation of this law and refusal of leave will be prosecuted with punishment. Minimum six months imprisonment and a fine of one lakh rupees.

The promoter of the bill, Qaratul-Ain Marri, says that although Article 37, Clause E, of the Constitution gives women the right to leave during maternity leave, through this law, they want to provide the maximum opportunity to fulfil maternity requirements.

According to him, the early relationship between father and child has a profound impact on the child’s future. There should be scope in the law to give the father the right to take care of his newborn child.

The Bill applies to all federal institutions, divisions. And ministries, in addition to affiliated institutions, administrative and subordinate offices. Also non-governmental organisations, firms, corporations, autonomous and semi-autonomous enterprises, companies, factories, and every institution in the federal capital Islamabad. Will be.

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