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James Cameron, the director of the film based on the story of the Titanic. Which sank in 1912, has expressed his grief over the deaths of five people aboard the Titanic. Which had an accident in the ocean.

In an interview with the BBC, James Cameron said that when he learned that the submarine was missing. And had lost contact. He immediately suspected it was a ‘catastrophic accident’.

The Canadian-born director said, “Whatever happened, I am deeply saddened.” The submarine’s electronics failed, and its communication system was cut off. Its tracking transponder failed. Meaning the submarine sank.

James Cameron

James Cameron said, “I quickly contacted my friends who had information about the submarines. Within an hour, I got some information. The submarine was at a depth of 3,500 metres in the ocean. And was supposed to go down to a depth of 3,800 metres.

The director of the film ‘Titanic’, while further talking about the accident. Said that when he found out about the search operation. ‘I immediately said that the lack of contact and direction of the submarine at the same time indicated that The submarine had met with some terrible accident. And the first thing that came to mind was that the submarine must have exploded.’

Keep in mind that James Cameron has visited the wreck of the Titanic 33 times.
On Thursday, U.S. Navy officials told CBS News that when the Titan lost contact with the surface. The Navy heard a sound consistent with an explosion.

James Cameron says that last week “felt like a long, long nightmare. With people running around talking about explosions and oxygen.”

James Cameron is not the first to express concerns about Oceangate
James Cameron is not the first to express concerns about Oceangate

About Titanic

According to James Cameron, the loss of the Titan and its crew is a ‘great tragedy. And is similar to the disaster of the Titanic in 1912.
It should be noted that two Pakistani citizens were also on board the destroyed Titan.

Expressing regret over the submarine accident. He said, “Now we have another wreck after Titanic. And unfortunately this accident also happened due to not heeding the warnings.”

Keep in mind that James Cameron is not the first person to express concerns about Oceangate.
Earlier in 2018, the Marine Technology Society wrote a letter to Oceangate warning them. That Oceangate’s experimental procedures could lead to a major or minor accident.

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