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Canadian authorities have announced an investigation into the explosion of the deep-sea Titan submarine to look for the Titanic wreck.
On Friday, the US Coast Guard confirmed that all five people aboard the Titan submarine had died.
Parts of the submarine wreckage were found on the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean.

US Coast Guard Rear Admiral John Meagher said the accident was caused by an explosion inside the submarine.
Various agencies, including the US and Canada, participated in the rescue operation.
Last Sunday, the surface-water Canadian cargo ship Polar Prince released the Titan into the sea, but after an hour and 45 minutes, the submarine lost contact with the ship.

Canadian transportation Safety Board Canada has said that because the Polar Prince is a Canadian ship, it is opening an investigation into the operation of the submarine.
The Transportation Safety Board has sent a team to St. John’s, Newfoundland, to gather information and interview with related people.

According to Transportation Safety Board officials, we will also contact other agencies regarding our activities.
Rescue officials said the wreckage of the Titanic was found 1600 feet (500 metres) from the Titanic.
On Friday, Oceangate, the company that operates the submarine ‘Titan’, also announced the deaths of all five passengers.

“Our hearts go out to these five souls and each of their families at this time of sorrow,” Ocean Gate said in a statement. We are very sad to lose the tourists.

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