In India, a Muslim man was beaten to death by citizens for allegedly carrying beef.

According to Indian NDTV, a man named Affan Ansari was tortured in this incident. That took place in the Nashik district of the state of Maharashtra.
32-year-old Affan Ansari belonged to the Kurla area of Mumbai.

He and his colleague Nasir Shaikh were transporting animal meat by vehicle. When they were stopped on the way by a group of volunteers working for ‘cow protection’.

The police say that both men were subjected to severe torture.
According to Sub-Inspector Sunil Bhamre, when they reached the spot. Two people were lying inside the wrecked vehicle with serious injuries.

After the incident, the police detained 10 people for the attack.
Police officials say that a case of murder and rioting has been registered on the report of the injured person. And investigations have been started.

According to the officials, It can be determined whether they were really carrying beef or not. Only after the laboratory report comes.
Earlier in March, the Maharashtra state government had proposed setting up a commission to enforce the law on cow slaughter. A move that followed eight years ago when the Bombay High Court’s ban on cow slaughter was revealed after retention.

The court said that the concerned authorities can stop the vehicle carrying cows or meat, enter it, search it, and seize it.
The same court also upheld the ban on taking a cow or bull for slaughter.

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