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US President Joe Biden has said that Western countries have nothing to do with the uprising of Russia’s paramilitary force Wagner.

According to the French news agency AFP. Joe Biden said it was too early to draw any conclusions about Wenger’s group’s move towards Moscow.
“We are reviewing the situation of last week and its implications for Russia and Ukraine,” he said. It is too early to say where the situation is going.

However, he said he and his Western allies are in touch and that he has told Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. That he will continue to have strong US support.
“Whatever happens in Russia, the United States will continue to support Ukraine’s defence and territorial sovereignty.”

The US president denied conspiracy theories that the West was involved in the coup.
He said that he spoke to the European leaders on Zoom, and they agreed that we would not give Russian President Vladimir Putin an opportunity to blame the West and NATO. This uprising was part of the struggle against the Russian system.

He said he would meet with key allies again on Monday but did not say which leaders he would talk to.
On Saturday, Joe Biden consulted French President Emmanuel McEwan, German Chancellor Olaf Scholes, and British Prime Minister Rishi Sonak.

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