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On the 25th, conflicts between the Sudanese Armed Forces and the Rapid Support Forces in the capital Khartoum. South Kordofan, North Kordofan, and Darfur continued and showed a trend of expansion and intensification.

In the capital circle composed of Khartoum and its surrounding North Khartoum and Omdurman cities. The two sides in the conflict focused on the central reserve police force camp in the south of Khartoum. On the 25th, the Rapid Support Forces claimed to have captured the camp. And shot down two MiG fighter jets of the Sudanese Armed Forces. The Sudanese Armed Forces have yet to respond.

Security situation in Nyala

The security situation in Nyala, the capital of Southern Darfur, has deteriorated sharply recently. The two sides in the conflict continued to exchange fire, and some residential areas were shelled. According to local media reports, on the 24th alone, 20 civilians were killed in the conflict and dozens were injured.

Clashes are also intensifying in Obaid, the capital of Northern Kordofan State. The Rapid Support Forces attacked the city from the east, west, and south, and the Sudanese Armed Forces deployed a large number of police forces to fight back. The local fighting may spread further.

The conflict that lasted for more than two months has seriously affected the livelihood of the local people. The North Darfur state government announced on the 25th that due to fuel shortages, the state capital Fasher City will completely cut off power supply to all residential areas from now on, and the power supply will focus on the Fasher Hospital located in the south of the urban area. The state government said it was taking all feasible measures to raise available fuel and strive to restore power to residential areas as soon as possible. In addition, violent incidents in many places in Sudan have increased sharply.

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Fighting resumes in Sudan after 24-hour ceasefire

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