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The White House has condemned the ‘online harassment’ of a Muslim female journalist. For asking Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi a question about human rights.

According to NDTV, Sabrina Siddiqui, a journalist associated with Wall Street General. She asked Narendra Modi a question about ‘democracy in India’ during a press conference with US President Joe Biden.

Sabrina Siddiqui asked a question to Narendra Modi
Sabrina Siddiqui asked a question to Narendra Modi

When asked about the harassment of the journalist, John Kirby, the top national security officer of the White House. He said that the White House is aware of the fact that the woman was harass.

According to Wall Street, Sabrina Siddiqui says that ever since she asked the question to Narendra Modi. She has been subject to severe criticism and harassment on the internet from within India. And is also being targeted for being a Muslim.

“This is absolutely unacceptable,” said John Kirby. We condemn any harassment of journalism on any issue in any part of the world.
According to him, it is against democratic principles.

Statement of John Kirby

After John Kirby’s statement, White House Press Secretary Karen Jean-Pierre took to the podium. And said, “I support what John Kirby said, and the White House is committed to a free press.” We condemn any move to intimidate journalists, even though they are just doing their job.

Remember, in response to Sabrina Siddiqui’s question at the press conference with US. President Joe Biden on Thursday, Narendra Modi said that there is no place for discrimination in India. Because the government is abiding by its constitution.

“Many human rights groups are talking about discrimination, and dissent is being silenced,” the journalist asked. What is your government doing regarding the improvement of the situation for Muslims and other minorities and freedom of expression?

On this, Narendra Modi said, “I wonder on what basis you are saying this.” We are a democracy. Democracy is our soul, and we breathe in a democracy.
In response to online criticism, Sabrina Siddiqui shared pictures of her wearing Indian team t-shirts and chanting slogans for the Indian team along with her father, who hails from India.

“Since some people have raised questions about my personal background,” he wrote, Then the whole picture seems to be shown. Sometimes identities are more complicated than they appear.’

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