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The Organisation of Islamic Cooperation has called an emergency meeting. Of the executive committee on the issue of burning a copy of the Quran in Sweden.

According to Arab News, the spokesman of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation. Has said that the emergency meeting will discuss the measures to be take against this heinous act. And adopt a collective stance on the necessary measures.

It should be note that on Wednesday, in front of the largest mosque in Stockholm, the capital of Sweden. A 37-year-old refugee Salwan Momika desecrated the Quran and set the pages on fire.

Other countries, including the Muslim and Arab worlds, have also strongly condemned this incident. And some countries have also recalled their ambassadors in response.
The foreign office in various countries has summoned the ambassador of Sweden. To inform him that the protest has been record.

Thousands of supporters of Shia cleric Muqtada al-Sadr demonstrated in front of the Swedish embassy in the Iraqi capital, Baghdad, on Friday, demanding the end of diplomatic relations with Sweden.

Swedish police said on Wednesday that a man who set fire to a copy of the Quran has been charge with incitement against an ethnic or national group.
Sloan Momika, who is involve in the incident. Has threatened that he will again burn the copy of the Quran with the flag of Iraq in front of the Iraqi embassy in Stockholm. In the next ten days.

Sylvan Momika says he knows there will be a backlash for his actions and that he has received “thousands of death threats.”

Quran burning incident
Quran burning incident outside the mosque in Sweden, Saudi Arabia condemned, Morocco called the ambassador

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