Pope Francis

Pope Francis has condemned the incident by refusing permission to burn the Quran in Sweden.

Arab News, quoting the UAE newspaper Al-Ittihad, wrote that the Pope Francis said that. Any book considered sacred should be respect by respecting those who believe in it. I feel angry at this act.

“To allow this is unacceptable and reprehensible,” he said. The Pope said freedom of expression should not be use to offend anyone.

It should be note that on Wednesday, in front of the largest mosque in Stockholm. The capital of Sweden, 37-year-old refugee Salwan Momika desecrated the Quran and set the pages on fire.

The General Secretary of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), Hussain Ibrahim Taha, urged the member countries to take measures to prevent such incidents in the future by uniting against the desecration of the Quran in Sweden. This incident was condemn in OIC meeting.

The emergency meeting was held at the OIC headquarters in Jeddah. On Sunday at the invitation of Saudi Arabia.
The Executive Committee of the OIC strongly condemned the desecration of the Quran. And said that the act undermined the relationship of mutual respect between peoples and efforts to promote global tolerance.

On the other hand, Sweden has condemned the desecration of the Quran. Terming it Islamophobia’ and saying that it does not reflect the views of the Swedish government.

Pope Francis
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