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The train company SNCF has been fine. After a cat was crush under a train on the railway tracks in Paris, the capital of France.

According to the British newspaper The Guardian, a French court has fined the national rail operator for crushing a cat under a train.
The cat that was crushe to death by the train was name ‘Niko’. Niko means cat in Japanese language.

Because of this cat, deep concern arose at the Montparnasse station in Paris this year. And French Interior Minister GĂ©rald Darminen said he was deeply shock by this accident.

On this incident, the animal rights organisation ‘The Bridget Berdot Foundation’ asked the train company SNCF, Aren’t you ashamed of this?’
Train passenger Georgia and her 15-year-old daughter Melanie said their pet cat got out of a travel bag and hid under the high-speed train. The train was travelling from Paris to Bordeaux with 800 passengers on board.

The cat’s owners had to plead with the train crew for 20 minutes to find the cat. After which the train crushed the cat to death.
“We saw the cat cut in half,” Melanie told the animal rights group Asvation.
They (the train company) told us that it was not their problem; it was just a cat. And we should have kept it on a leash.

The train company SNCF offered to give cat owners a free ticket to Bordeaux in return.

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Animal Welfare Association

The Animal Welfare Association france filed a complaint and wrote that ‘the cat died due to severe abuse and cruelty.’

75,000 euros fine and five years of imprisonment can be imposed. On the indictment for this incident.
However, a Paris court fined SNCF 1,000 euros, accusing it of unintentionally killing the cat through negligence.

Apart from this, the court also ordered the railway company to pay 1,000 euros as damages to the owners of the cat.

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