Global Warming

After several decades and possibly centuries. The global warming of the planet rose so much that scientists have unofficially declared July 5 as the hottest day ever.
According to the Associated Press news agency. The average temperature of the planet yesterday, July 5, was 62.9 Fahrenheit, or 17.18 degrees Celsius. The previous day, on July 4th, a record high of 62.6 degrees Fahrenheit was recorded for just 24 hours.

The planet’s temperature on Wednesday was about 1.8 degrees warmer than it was between 1979 and 2000. Which is higher than the average temperature of the 19th and 20th centuries.

Chris Field, a scientist at Stanford University in the US, says that this type of record provides further evidence that future temperatures will be warmer due to global warming.
Sarah Kepnick, head of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), says that on July 5, 38 million Americans were experiencing a severe heat wave.

Not only this, but the people living in slightly cooler areas are also having to endure intense heat this time.
Scientist Sean Burkle, who created the Climate Reanalyzer. A scale used to measure global temperature, says that daily temperature data is unofficial. But important in telling the story of a warming Earth. Of course they are.

Sarah Kepnick, director of NOAA, says the data shows the world is likely to see its hottest day in hundreds of years.

Temperatures have been recorded higher than normal in different countries of the world
Temperatures have been recorded higher than normal in different countries of the world

Records temperature

Canada’s central province of Quebec and the Latin American city of Peru broke records for extreme temperatures this week. While last week the temperature in the Chinese capital, Beijing, was 95 degrees Fahrenheit for nine consecutive days.

Regarding the negative effects of the increase in temperature, it is being said that it will create the worst conditions for humans around the world, which will affect their health.

Erinane Safel, an environmental expert in the US, says that the human body is not used to such high temperatures. So it is important to determine which areas people will be most at risk of.

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