Richest Begger

Just as seeing beggars in developing countries is not a new thing. Giving them something is also a normal part of the routine.
This help is motivated by pity for his appearance as well as the thought. That he may be hungry and have no money. Below Amazing report is from India.

If you also think the same, then change your mind because he may have more wealth than you.
A beggar who is a millionaire has been revealed in India., citing a Zed News report, has named a man named ‘Bharat Jain’ as the world’s ‘richest beggar’.
He belongs to the city of Mumbai and is often seen begging on different streets.

His family includes father, wife, two sons, one brother.
Both their children have completed their schooling, while Bharat Jain has some property worth 7.5 crore Indian rupees.
According to the report, he earns 60 to 75 thousand Indian rupees every month by begging.
He also owns a two-bedroom apartment in Mumbai worth Rs. 1.2 million.

According to India Time report

Similarly, according to an India Times report, he also owns two more apartments worth Rs 70 lakh.
Bharat Jain also owns two shops, which he rents out for Rs 30,000 per month.
Despite having more wealth than the average person in India’s middle class. They continue to beg and spend 10 to 12 hours every day in various streets and markets.

According to reports, they earn two to two and a half thousand rupees per day. Whereas in India, those who sit in front of the computer and work for 10 to 12 hours. They hardly earn more than one thousand rupees per day.
Bharat Jain lives in Pearl with his family; his family also runs a stationery store.

The report also mentions that Bharat Jain’s family constantly forbids him from begging, but he never listens, and the same things are being done that have made him a millionaire.

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