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Tensions have risen between the two countries due to Israel attempt to unify the village on the border with Lebanon.
According to Arab News, after the Israeli action. Shelling continued for one hour in the areas of Gujjar, Sheba Farms, and K. Farchuba.

The United Nations peacekeeping force in Lebanon immediately contacted all parties. Urging them to exercise restraint and refrain from actions that could escalate the situation.

“This situation is not surprising; it may increase even more. ” said Lebanese retired general Abdurrahman Chihitali while talking to Arab News.
Retired General Abd al-Rahman Chahitali has led the Lebanese delegation to negotiations with Israel to demarcate the maritime border. And has also dealt with Israeli attempts to occupy Gujjar in 2007 and 2013.

He said that “Israel tried to take the wrong step, and what was a natural reaction was shelling towards Lebanon.”
“Israel’s goal was to annex the village.”
A large explosion was also heard near the village of Ghajar, while Israel accused Lebanon of shelling it with a rocket launcher.
In response, Israel fired about 20 shells at the areas of Farchuba and Farhamim.

According to the United Nations, the border region of Gujjar is part of Lebanon
According to the United Nations, the border region of Gujjar is part of Lebanon

United Nations

Israel says that these were the same areas from which rockets were fired at Israel.

Officials of the United Nations peacekeeping force say that after hearing the sound of explosions, personnel were sent to investigate, but the situation was not immediately clear, and later in the afternoon it was learned that shelling had taken place.

After that, the head of the United Nations peacekeeping force, Major General Stéfio del Cole, contacted the authorities in Lebanon and Israel.

This incident has come at a sensitive time when there is already a tense situation in the region. This tension has intensified since Hezbollah’s statement, in which it strongly condemned the attempt to seize Gujjar.
According to the United Nations, this area is part of Lebanon.

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