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A 25-year-old suspect attacked a children’s school with a knife in Guangdong province, China, killing six people and injuring one.
The British news agency Reuters quoted Chinese media as saying that the attack was carried out with a knife, while the suspect was taken into custody and further investigations are underway.

Among the dead are children and elderly people. Violent crime is rare in China due to strict gun laws and security, but knife attacks at schools have raised concerns over the past few years.

After this incident, people are commenting on the social media platform ‘Weibo, and some people are demanding that the attacker be hanged.
“It’s boring attacking kids who have no power,” one user wrote. How many families were destroyed? I support execution.’

Another user expressed concern over yet another attack after several such attacks, saying, “Why are such cases coming up?”
In August last year, three people were killed and six were injured in a knife attack on a school. Similarly, in 2021, a man attacked with a knife, killing two children and injuring 16 others in China.

The mental health of the attackers is also being questioned for targeting children. In 2017, a man detonated an explosive device outside a school in China’s Jiangsu Province, killing himself and several others, while dozens were injured. This person was mentally ill.

After the violent attacks in Hong Kong last month, questions about mental health were raised. Experts had declared the Corona virus the main cause of mental diseases.

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