Sri lankan economic crisis

At least 300,000 skilled Sri Lankans will move abroad this year due to economic crisis, most of them to Gulf countries.

According to Arab News, more than 125,000 Sri Lankan workers have left the country due to economic problems since the beginning of this year, and 112,000 will go to work in the Gulf Cooperation Council region.
These skilled Sri Lankans will choose Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, and the United Arab Emirates.

Gemeni Senarath Yapa, deputy general manager of the Bureau of Foreign Employment, told that most of their agents have their eyes on Middle Eastern countries.

“” “There’s easy access, and there are job opportunities.” “” Because they need manpower to boost their economy.

The first priority for sending manpower is Saudi Arabia. In February, the Kingdom signed a skills agreement with Sri Lanka. Under this agreement, the recruitment process for Sri Lankan manpower was simplified.
“Gumini Senarath Yapa says,” “There are many fields.” If you are qualified and skilled, there are opportunities for you.

Foreign workers are a major source of remittances for Sri Lanka, which has been in the grip of its worst financial crisis since last year.
Remittances this year are expected to be higher than last year. As of May, Sri Lankans had sent $2.3 billion.

Gumini Senarath Yapa says that they are not only sending currency; They will share their experience.
“” “The money they send is helping our economy and coming back with experience and knowledge.”

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