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The Korean web series ‘King of the Land’, released on the online streaming platform Netflix. Producers have apologised for showing an Arab character in an objectionable manner.
According to Arab News, the producers of the superhit web series ‘King the Land’ apologised on Wednesday. For showing an Arab character in the series.

An Arab character is play by an Indian actor in a Korean web series. After which the production companies of the series have been criticise by Arab viewers. Accusing them of stereotyping the Arab character in the web series.
The companies came under fire after two episodes of the web series ‘King the Land’. When they featured an arrogant Arab character named Sameer in the web series. This role is play by Indian actor Anupam Tripathi.

According to The Korean Times, the producers of the series apologised, saying, “We apologise for the unexpected inconvenience caused to our viewers, but it was not our intention to harm or distort any particular country or culture.”
“We quickly realised that there is a misunderstanding in understanding other cultures here,” he added.

“That will continue to strive to create content that can be enjoy by everyone, regardless of where they are from and what culture they belong to.” “We will look into the video that caused the trouble and insist that proper steps are take.”

Mind you, according to the Netflix charts, ‘King the Land’ is currently the second most watched show in Saudi Arabia and the UAE.

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