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A strange incident has taken place in Singapore, where doctors have removed a half-chewed octopus from a man’s throat.
According to the New York Post, the incident took place at Singapore’s Tan Tok Hospital. Where doctors successfully removed an octopus stuck in a man’s oesophagus after surgery.

According to the details, the 55-year-old victim complained that it was difficult for him to swallow anything after eating octopus. After which he was take to the hospital, where a CT scan reveale. A deep substance in the victim’s alimentary canal that was diagnose as trapped.


According to the report, an octopus was trappe near the victim’s oesophagus and stomach.
After diagnosing an octopus stuck in the oesophagus. Doctors made several unsuccessful attempts to remove it. But then decided to pull it out through an endoscope, after which the trapped octopus came out.

Two days after the surgery, the 55-year-old patient was discharge from the hospital in singapore.
According to the doctors of the hospital, it is normal for people suffering from food entrapment to come to them. An endoscope is use in 10 to 20 percent of such cases. While surgery is performe in 1 percent of cases.

It should be note that in 2016, a similar incident happened with a two-year-old child in the American state of Kansas. When he diagnosed with an octopus stuck in his throat. In this regard, the doctors also saw injury marks on the child’s face. After which a 36-year-old man was arrest on suspicion of abusing the child.

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