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US Environment Ambassador John Kerry is on a visit to Beijing. Where he will ‘press’ China to step up measures to curb global warming.

According to the French news agency AFP, bilateral climate talks between the United States and China were stalled when former US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi angered Beijing by visiting Taiwan.

American national security advisor Jack Sullivan told CNN that “John Kerry will put pressure on China. Not to hide behind any kind of claim that it is a developing country.”

He said that every country, including China, has a responsibility to control environment and reduce gas  emissions. I think the world should step up and encourage In fact, China should do much more to reduce emissions.
Jack Sullivan said China has long justified its official status as a developing country. They have more work to do on this front.

“Secretary Kerry will address this in Beijing,” he added.
US Secretary of State Anthony Blanken and Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen also visited Beijing with the aim of strengthening US-China relations.
John Kerry is also expect to meet with his Chinese counterpart during this visit.
Despite the conflict, Washington is keen to cooperate with Beijing on climate and meteorology.

President Xi Jinping has said that his country will reduce its use of coal by 2026.
However, Beijing approved a large increase in coal power in April that Greenpeace said prioritised energy supply over commitments to cut emissions, raising concerns that China is missing its targets and will fail to fulfil them.

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