Session of the United Nations Security Council

At the first session of the United Nations Security Council on Artificial Intelligence. China said that the technology should not become an ‘unbridled horse’. While the US has warned that it could be used to ban or suppress people.
According to the British news agency Reuters. British Foreign Minister James Clevery says that “artificial intelligence will change every basic aspect of human life.”

He also said that artificial intelligence could help combat climate change and boost economies. But warned that the technology could fuel disinformation and aid state and non-state actors in their pursuit of weapons. Is.

The 15-member council was briefed by UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, Jill Clarke, co-founder of high-profile artificial intelligence startup ‘Anthropic. And Professor Zheng Yi, co-director of the China UK Research Centre for AI Ethics and Governance.

Antonio Guterres said

Antonio Guterres said that both military and non-military applications of artificial intelligence could have serious consequences for global peace and security.
He supported calls by some states for a new United Nations body to control alien technology.

Zhang Jun, China’s ambassador to the United Nations. Described artificial intelligence as a “double-edged sword”. And said he “supports the central role of the United Nations in establishing guidelines for Beijing.”

“Whether it is good or bad depends on how a person uses it,” he said. “How do we manage it, and how do we balance scientific progress with security?”

“Focus on people and artificial intelligence to prevent this technology from becoming an unbridled horse,” Zhang Jun said.
Deputy US Ambassador to the United Nations Jeffrey De Laurentiis said that ‘countries need to work together on artificial intelligence and other emerging technologies to deal with threats to human rights that threaten peace and security. Is.’
“No member state should use artificial intelligence to ban, coerce, suppress, or disempower people,” he told the council.

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