Shooting Incident in New Zealand

A shooting incident took place in New Zealand a few hours before the start of the Women’s Football World Cup. In which three people, including the attacker, were killed and five were injured.

According to the Reuters news agency, this incident happened in the country’s largest city, Auckland. At a time when teams from all over the world have arrived there for the Women’s Football World Cup.
Prime Minister Chris Hopkins said that the World Cup will be held as scheduled. And that the incident was the act of an attacker who was not responsible.

He said that the police presence in the city will increase during the World Cup. But there will be no change in the security threat level in New Zealand.
Auckland has welcomed thousands of international players and tourists for the Women’s World Cup. The World Cup is jointly hosted by Australia and New Zealand.
Police Commissioner Andrew Koster said that in addition to one officer, four civilians were also injured in the shooting.

The attacker has not been officially identified but is believed to be a 24-year-old man. Who worked at the construction site where the shooting happened, Andrew Koster said at a news conference.
According to the police commissioner, the assailant was armed with a pump-action shotgun and entered the building while firing.

After reaching the top floor, he opened fire, hiding himself inside an elevator, and was later killed in the return fire.
“The attacker was previously serving a sentence for incitement at home but had freedom at work.” Considering the past of the assailant, no threat was shown by him.

Football teams from New Zealand, Norway, Italy, the USA, Vietnam, and Portugal were in the city at the time of the shooting incident.

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