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An amazing incident has happened in the African country of Nigeria. In which a man who tried to set a Guinness World Record by crying for seven consecutive days. He has lost his sight.
According to the British newspaper Daily Mail, a man from Nigeria who was forced to cry for seven days. He said that he has become temporarily blind.

A man named Tembo from african country Ibere suffered a headache and inflammation in his eyes. And face while trying to set the Guinness World Record for continuous crying. However, according to the British broadcaster BBC, Tembo Ebere temporarily lost his sight for 45 minutes.

Ebere, who calls himself a comedian, promoted his world record on Tik Tok by telling his followers, “Tell me your problems; I’ll cry over them for you.”

He set a timer for this world record and kept crying for two hours and 34 minutes.
“I had to change my strategy and cut down on banter,” said the teary-eyed man while talking to BB.

It is not clear how Ebere temporarily lost his vision. But it may be due to headaches and pressure inside the eyes due to excessive crying.

Tembo Ebere wept uncontrollably for two hours and 34 minutes
Tembo Ebere wept uncontrollably for two hours and 34 minutes

It should be note that Nigerian citizens could not set the Guinness World Record despite crying.
It should be note here that this is not the first time that an attempt has been make to set an outstanding record in Nigeria.
Earlier, a chef named Halda Bachi had set a world record by cooking 100 knees in a row.

Similarly, a school teacher named Jon Obote has announced that he will set a record for reading books out loud for 140 hours in September this year.
Not only this, but this month, in an attempt to set a world record by giving a massage for 72 hours continuously, a Nigerian female masseur fell unconscious during the 53rd hour of the massage.

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