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Greek authorities evacuated more than 30,000 people from the island of Rhodes, Greece. Due to the ongoing forest fires for a fifth day.
The fires were initially confined to the mountainous interior but later spread to the coast.

The Greek authorities had evacuated four sites, including two coastal resorts on the island of Rhodes in Greece. After the raging fires continued for the fifth day in a row, as 2,000 people. Including tourists, were evacuated by sea.
Fire department spokesman Yannis Artopios said on Saturday evening that about 2,000 people, including tourists, had been evacuated by sea.

Artobius pointed out that the hotels and rented houses that were evacuated “represent less than 10% of the tourist accommodation on the island,” explaining that “all visitors were evacuated without incident.”

Three coast guard vessels, an army rescue boat, a special forces rubber boat, and 30 sailboats assisted in the evacuation.

Artobius stated that the private company “Blue Star” for passenger transport offered one of its ships to accommodate some of the evacuees, continuing: “Care has been taken to accommodate all those who must be removed from the affected areas.”

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