Global Times Comprehensive Report, Because he likes to feed pigeons everywhere, a man in Singapore was fine 4,800 Singapore dollars.

The 67-year-old Rajandran is currently facing charges of illegally feeding wild animals. Rajendran lives in the area of Geylang, a well-known commercial street. He always likes to buy bread out of his own pocket to feed the pigeons. At the end of August last year, Rajandran was feeding breadcrumbs to pigeons in the park. Which happened to be catch by law enforcement officers.

Law enforcement officers came forward to warn Rajandran. That it was illegal to feed the pigeons and ordered him not to do it again. But he still went his own way and was later found to have fed the pigeons 15 times.

According to the investigation by the local police. Rajandran would spend 20 to 30 Singapore dollars on bread every time or feed the pigeons with leftovers. He had been fine twice for this before. According to Singapore’s “Animals and Birds Code”, those who feed pigeons can be fine S$500 each time.

The main reason is that pigeons breed too fast. And their faeces will spread various diseases. Which will pose a certain threat to the social environment and human life and health.

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