The United States has expressed concern over reports of the stripping and Violence against women of two women. In the Indian state of Manipur, calling the incident “brutal and gruesome”.
According to the British news agency Reuters, the spokesperson of the US State Department expressed sympathy with the victims in his statement on Sunday.

He has said that the US has encouraged a peaceful and inclusive solution to the Manipur incident. And urged the authorities to meet humanitarian needs while protecting all communities, homes, and places of worship.
A video recently surfaced of a shocking attack on two women. In the month of May in Manipur who were parad naked and molested by a mob.

More than 130 people killed since violence erupted in the Manipur state’s two dominant ethnic groups in early May. The protest held in Chorachandpur, a town 65 kilometres south of the state capital, Imphal. A large number of women were among the protesters.

Violent riots erupted after protests by Christian Kokkis in the state against government-sponsored land purchase permission and special status for Hindus in their populated areas.

Internet shutdown

Despite the government’s massive internet shutdown. And efforts to keep journalists away from reporting on the situation in the remote region. A video has surfaced showing women being torture.
The video sparked widespread outrage and was shared by thousands of people on social media, demanding action from the government.

The footage shows two naked women being surround by several youths who grab their genitals and drag them across a field.
According to the Indigenous Tribal Leaders Forum, a tribal organisation in Manipur, the women are from the Christian Kuki community. One of them told The Associated Press that those who attacked him were part of a mob that had earlier set his village on fire.

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