Nayef al-Maliki a snake hunter

Nayef al-Maliki, a snake hunter in Saudi Arabia, was bitten by a poisonous snake in a mountain area. The left hand was blackened, but life was saved due to timely medical assistance.
According to Al-Arabiya Net, Nayef al-Maliki said that “he was in the mountainous area of Taif for a walk, and there he saw a snake, which is called ‘Al-Sajadat’ here.”

Naif Al-Maliki said that he “immediately took a picture of the snake; I wanted to catch it so that I could tell people about the Al-Sajdat snake and its poison in front of the camera.”

Saudi Shikhari says that at that time I did not have a mobile stand. He was oblivious for a few moments. The snake bit me. I felt the poison in my body later. Be patient and immediately rush to the hospital because the snake that bit me is very poisonous and its venom is fatal.

A friend helped him reach the hospital. He survived because he arrived at the hospital on time.
Nayef al-Maliki is considered a great snake hunter throughout the country. He has been playing with snakes for a long time. He has great knowledge and experience with snakes.

Due to the proximity of his residence to the village, he became skilled at finding and catching snakes. There is information about cobras of Arab origin, cunning black snakes, Al-Sajjad al-Sharqi, Umm Junib, etc. snakes.

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