forest fire in Greece

Strong winds fanned the Greek forest fire to a nearby Air Force ammunition depot. Where a series of explosions rocked the area.

Firefighters continue to battle a blaze. That ripped through a series of massive explosions at an air force ammunition depot in central Greece on Thursday. The Associated Press news agency reported.

Personnel from the Air Force Ordnance Depot had already been evacuate, resulting in no casualties.
The Greek Air Force said in a statement that F-16 fighter jets based at a nearby Hoi base had been move to another airport. As a precaution, but that the air force base was not in immediate danger.

Over the past two weeks, a heat wave has sparked fires in various parts of Greece. Killing at least five people, including two firefighting pilots. In the Mediterranean region.
Authorities have begun evacuating tourists from the Greek island of Rhodes.

The fire in Volos, Magnesia, central Greece, reached an ammunition storage depot about 6 kilometres north of a major military air base. Local media report that bombs and ammunition for Greece’s F-16 fighter jets were store at the site.

Large explosions shattered

The large explosions shattered windows in nearby houses. But the Greek Fire Service said no one was seriously injure in nearby villages. The area had already been evacuate as a precaution.
Fire service spokesman Innes Artopios said 12 villages in the vicinity of the weapons depot were order to be evacuate.

The spokesman said that despite the extraordinary efforts of his officials, the spread of the fire could not be controlled in time.
Artopios said the fire in the Volos region was the most dangerous of the 124 forest fires in the country that fire service personnel had to deal with in recent days.

The wildfires raged in three different regions and forced authorities to close a section of Greece’s busiest highway for several hours.
Meanwhile, the rail service passing through the area had to be suspended.

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