A few weeks after the tragic disappearance of a submarine named Titan in the depths of the Atlantic Ocean last June. The co-founder of the company has announced a new mission.
The Oceangate Company submarine, which was carrying Pakistani-born British businessman Prince Dawood. And his young son, was missing for days after losing contact.
After a few days of searching, the wreckage of the submarine was found. Which suggested that the submarine had been destroyed by an explosion.

Less than a few weeks after the accident, Oceangate co-founder Guillermo Sohnlein announced his commitment to sending humans to Venus.
Guillermo Sohnlein, who is also the founder and chairman of the ‘Humans to Venus’ company. Confirmed to the American website Insider that his company will be able to settle a colony of 1,000 people on the hot planet of the solar system.

It should be note that four passengers, including Guillermo’s friend and co-founder Stockton Rush, died in the Ocean Gate submarine. That sank in the ocean.
Guillermo Sohnlein co-founded the company with Stockton Rush in 2009 and then handed over all the company’s powers to him in 2013.

“Forget Oceangate,” said Guillermo Sohnlein, speaking of his mission and encouragement to move forward. Forget the Titan. Forget Stockton. There’s going to be a big break for humanity. And we’re not going to be able to take advantage of it. Because, as humans, we completely shut ourselves down and push ourselves into the status quo.’

Also aboard the Titan was Oceangate co-founder Stockton Rush
Also aboard the Titan was Oceangate co-founder Stockton Rush

Sending humans to Venus

“Sending humans to Venus is a very ambitious project, but I think it will be possible by 2050.”
Referring to the new research by NASA, he said that it is possible for humans to live in the atmosphere of Venus.

According to NASA, Venus has a very toxic atmosphere that is full of carbon dioxide. And is constantly fill with clouds of thick and yellow sulfuric acid that cancel out the greenhouse effect.

According to experts, it is almost impossible for humans to live on Venus. But Guillermo Sohnlein says that these difficulties can be eliminate only with new inventions.

Guillermo Sohnlein said, “I am neither an engineer nor a scientist. But I have full confidence in the abilities of both of them.” That’s why I’m hopeful that it can help us deal with the problems we face in space.”

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A new video of the wreckage of the Titanic, which has been under the sea for more than 110 years, is released
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Wreckage of Titan submarine

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