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Many people have been seen as animal lovers. But can anyone go so far in their love for a dog that they make themselves like it?

This is what a Japanese man named Toko has done, spending 22 thousand dollars to become a dog.
According to the British newspaper Daily Mail, Tuco has spent 22 thousand dollars to prepare a costume. That no one can guess if it is actually a dog or a human wearing.

Toko also has his own YouTube channel with nearly 41,000 subscribers. He posted his video in costume 11 days ago, which has gone viral and has been view by 5.6 million people so far.
“I wanted to be an animal, and I became a dog,” Tuco wrote in the caption below the video. This channel has brought you an unusual video.

He further wrote that this video was recorded last year when I gave an interview to German TV RTL. Thankfully, I got permission to use this video, so I’m releasing it to the public.’

In the video, a woman can be seen taking them for a walk in a park. Where they are seen sniffing other dogs in the park and picking up loot on the ground. They can also be seen waving their hands in front of the camera.
Some small dogs seem to feel intimidated by dogs much larger than their size.

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