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In the Indian state of Kerala, a Dust collector woman bought a lottery ticket worth three dollars along with 10 of her friends because they did not have the money to buy the ticket alone.

Last week, Shija’s luck changed when she won the lottery with a total worth of $1.2 million.
According to Arab News, Sheja collects garbage from house to house in Kerala. When he bought this lottery ticket with his friends, he had no money left and had to walk home after finishing his work.
“I made a good decision to walk home that day,” says Shija.

Sheja and her friends will get $700,000 after tax, and this money will be shared equally among all the friends.
Sheja says that it was the biggest surprise of her life because it is such a huge amount that it can solve all her problems.

Shija and her other khakrob friends earn less than $100 a month and have to borrow money from people to run their household.
In this regard, she says, “I will clear all my debt, build my house, and spend the rest of the money on my children’s education.”
Shija’s friend Radha says that she will use the lottery prize money to treat her brother, who has been ill for a long time.

Radha says that I have never won a prize of more than a thousand rupees in my life. The prize money we will get will change our lives.
Despite receiving such huge prize money, Shija and her friends say that they will continue their jobs as scavengers.

Another friend of Sheeja’s, Lakshmi, says that there is no question of leaving the job because this job has given us stability.


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