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One of the top complaints that smartphone owners, especially iPhone owners, usually face is rapid battery drain.
According to a report published in the Arabic magazine Saidati. According to technical experts, the use of social media apps and digital games are among the main reasons that lead to rapid battery drain.
Especially apps that stay active in the background of the smartphone. Even when you don’t use them drain your smartphone’s battery quickly.

Important apps that consume battery quickly

According to experts, popular social media apps like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and TikTok are among the social networking apps. That consume the most battery on a mobile phone.
This is due to the fact that several aspects are active in the aforementioned apps. Including the mobile’s camera, microphone, and location. The programmes of the above-mentioned apps keep these functions active. Which puts a load on the battery and continues to drain it.
Apart from these, Meta Company’s recently launched app ‘Threads’ is also among the social media communication apps that drain the battery fast.
In this regard, most of the users of the threads have also complained. That although the said app has set a record of popularity. It consumes the battery of the smartphone as fast as it has become popular.

Some people also carry a power bank with them to charge the battery.
Some people also carry a power bank with them to charge the battery.

Also, live broadcasting apps Netflix and Spotify are among the worst apps that drain mobile batteries fast, along with Amazon.
According to the ranking of the fastest mobile battery draining apps, Facebook is first, Twitter is second, Instagram is third, Snapchat is fourth, Tik Tok is fifth, Uber is sixth, Amazon is seventh, Spotify is eighth, Netflix is ninth, and Candy Crush is tenth. Is.

How do I prevent my battery from draining quickly?

Experts have given some tips to prevent the mobile phone battery from draining quickly, which are as follows:
Keep off certain mobile options, including the use of the camera and microphone.
Turn on the option to activate location activation on mobile when needed.
Turn off the update of applications in the background of the mobile so that it is not active by itself but can update limited apps when needed.

A few tips to protect your phone’s battery

Always keep in mind to charge the mobile battery when it is left at 20% or less. Do not leave the phone on charge overnight.
Only the original charging cable should be used to charge the mobile phone; there is a fear of damaging the battery by using a non-standard cable.
Experts say that usually the mobile battery starts losing its capacity after two years of continuous use, so try to replace the battery after a certain period of time, especially if the battery is draining rapidly without any reason.

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