Most expensive kettle in the world

A tea kettle is a common utensil in the kitchen of every home. But there is also a tea kettle in the world that is price at 3 million dollars.
Why is this kettle so special that it costs so much? Let us tell you.

According to the Hindustan Times, this kettle has been develop by the joint effort of the N. Sethi Foundation in the UK and New By Teas. This unique kettle is call ‘The Egoist’.
The price of this kettle is estimate at 3 million dollars, and it held the record of being the most expensive kettle in the world in 2016.

According to Guinness World Records, this kettle was make by Italian goldsmith Fulvio Scavia. Its handle was made from the tusk of an extinct giant elephant (mammoth).

18 carat yellow gold and pure silver with gold plating are use in making the kettle. It is studd with 1658 diamonds and 368 pure Thai and Burmese rubies.

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