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A man who impersonates a dog in Japan has made a new statement that he does not want to live like a dog and has adopted this form out of love for animals.
On July 21, a video of a man dressed as a dog walking through the streets of the capital, Tokyo, went viral on the Internet.

This Japanese man spent $14,000 on a dog. According to him, he loves animals, which is why he took the form of a dog.
On the other hand, people on the internet think that maybe this person wants to spend his whole life like this, but this person says that he did it because of his love for animals.

The dog impersonator has avoided revealing his real name, saying that he is known as ‘Toco’.
He also has a YouTube channel called ‘I Want to Be an Animal, on which he often uploads videos of himself posing .
His latest video is viral on YouTube and has been view by 6.8 million people so far.

Addressing the skepticism of users on the Internet. Tocco told the New York Post that “to become an animal means to completely change yourself.” It is a desire to transform myself into something I am not.’

He added that his desire to be a collie dog is not sexual. And it hurts him when people think so.
He further informed that his family supports him in this matter.
He said that the family was very surprise to see this but they supported him. I am very happy that they accepted my decision.

The company that Toco wears to impersonate a dog is Zippet. The company is well know for making costumes for TV shows and commercials. The artisan who made this costume has revealed that it took him at least 40 days to make this costume.

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Passionate about becoming a ‘dog’, Japanese man spends thousands of dollars

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