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The vice president of Taiwan has said during his visit to America that if Taiwan is safe, the world is safe and his country will not retreat due to authoritarian threats.
According to the Reuters news agency, Beijing condemned the visit of Taiwan’s Vice President William Lai to the United States.
William Lai, who is a strong candidate for the presidency in the next election, is visiting America.

He stayed in America before visiting Paraguay. Paraguay is one of 13 countries that maintain formal relations with despite China‘s claim.

Taiwan and the United States have described the visit as routine, but China has condemned the visit, calling Vice President William Lai a separatist “troublemaker”.
According to a statement from Taiwan’s presidential palace, the vice president said, “If Taiwan is safe, the world is safe, and if the Taiwan Strait is peaceful, the world is peaceful.”

He said that we are on the right track. Don’t be intimidated or cowed by the growing threat of authoritarianism. We must be brave and strong to lead Taiwan on the road to democracy.
China dislikes William Lai. He described himself as a “practical worker for Taiwan’s independence”.

William Lai reiterated in New York that he is willing to negotiate with China on the basis of dignity and equality in accordance with the Taiwan president’s policies and seeks peace and stability.
William Lai, however, said that he would protect Taiwan’s sovereignty and that only Taiwanese citizens could decide their future and that should not be subject to China.

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