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The Dutch Ministry of Defence and British Royal Air Force said. Their warplanes chased Russian bombers that were approaching Dutch and Scottish airspace and forced them to turn back.
According to the Associated Press news agency, Russian Jet fighters were flying in international airspace in both areas.

Britain’s Royal Air Force said in a statement that two Typhoon jet fighters were fly from Lossiemouth Air Base. To monitor Russian bombers flying north of Scotland’s Shetland Islands.
According to the British Ministry of Defence, Russian Jet fighters used for maritime reconnaissance and anti-submarine warfare were in the airspace that is part of NATO‘s Northern Air Policing Area.

The Ministry of Defence said Russian planes entering the UK’s international airspace zone. Could pose a threat to other aircraft because they often do not communicate with air traffic control. Or provide information about their flight routes. would do

The lead pilot of British Royal Air Force fighters chasing the Russian jets said. His Typhoon jets stayed with the Russian warplanes until they moved out of Britain’s area of interest.
The Danish Air Force, on the other hand, said. Its fighter jets spotted Russian bombers flying over the Baltic Sea towards the Netherlands.
According to the Ministry of Defence of the Netherlands, two F-16 fighter jets of the country’s air force were then fly from the base.

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According to the Ministry of Defence of the Netherlands, “this does not normally happen. But today’s incident shows the importance of being prepare for an immediate response.”
According to the Ministry of Defence, their F16 aircraft are on standby 24 hours a day. And can intercept any unknown aircraft by taking off within minutes.

In mid-March this year, officials said British and German fighter jets were sent to intercept a Russian plane flying close to Estonian airspace.
A day earlier, the United States said that a Russian fighter jet had shot down an American surveillance drone over the Black Sea.

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