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Jakarta, August 14. “In the past week, the air quality in Jakarta was very, very bad.” Indonesian President Joko Widodo held a meeting on the air quality problem in the capital Jakarta on the 14th. He said that in the short term, intervention measures must be take as soon as possible to improve the air quality in Jakarta.

According to the statistics of “IQAir”, an air quality technology company that tracks global air quality. Jakarta became the city with the most serious air pollution index (AQI) in the world on the 9th. Ranked first among cities with severe air pollution (AQI).

Since May 2023, the city has been rated among the top ten cities with the worst air pollution in the world several times. Indonesian media reported that since last week. The concentration of PM2.5 suspended particles in the air in Jakarta has surpassed that of Riyadh. The capital of Saudi Arabia; Doha, the capital of Qatar; and other cities with serious air pollution. Such as Lahore, the second largest city in Pakistan.

According to the official website of the Indonesian Presidential Palace, Widodo held a meeting on Jakarta’s air quality on the 14th. According to him, the long dry season and the use of coal energy are factors contributing to the poor air quality in Jakarta.

“The long dry season over the past three months has triggered increased concentrations of pollutants in the air. Especially those activities that use coal in manufacturing, resulting in higher pollutants and emissions,” Widodo said.

Widodo said that in the short term, interventions must be make as soon as possible to improve Jakarta. Such as rainfall. In the medium term, the government will continue to reduce the use of fossil fuel vehicles and vigorously develop public transport. He specifically mentioned working from home. If necessary, we must encourage mixed working methods—working in the office and working at home.

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